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Kihbba Partnerships

Join the more than 250+ Strategic Alliance Partners for Kihbba and earn money helping your clients get the most out of their technology

Direct Referral Relationships


Private Label 

Group Referral Relationships


Strategic Alliance Partners

Think you know a few companies that would love Kihbba?

Our Partners are a mix of Consultants, Coaches, Marketing Agencies, IT Service Firms, Other Developers and National Management Groups.

As experts in your field, you know the right strategies, but you don't want to do the coding. Leave it to us.


Current Partners


Commissions paid in 2021


Average Commission

Referral Partners

Sharing resources for greater success

We take the strategies you set with your clients and implement it across all of their technologies.

Share Referrals

Send us your clients information and we will convert them to a member with your direction on approach and strategy.

Earn Commission

Earn between $300 to $1,000 for each referral you send us that activates a membership. Get paid weekly.

The Process: Part 1

Let us know you have a referral by completing the form in the partners resources area


Sell Kihbba Direct Off Your Website

Want to earn even more? Allow us to duplicate our environment into your website and you get your cut, a bigger cut, immediately.

Dedicated Support Center

Anytime a ticket is needed clients will visit your site to request instead of us...can't hurt to get them on your site more.

Duplicated Pricing Grid

Sell Kihbba directly from your website. Take your commission first, then send us the remainder to manage the account. 

The Process: Part 1

We duplicate our members area and signup pages for you to put on your website or host yourself

Private label

Keep Kihbba to Yourself

You can allow Kihbba to work in the background with your clients. Bill for our time hourly or by project.

Retainer Based Services

Pay just $59 an hour for our services. Bill on average as little as $85 an hour to recoup your time and funds.

Paid on Tech Tools

Share commission on tech sales we make. Split the commission we get on technology our shared clients use.


Expand Your Software's Reach to the Market

Looking for a group of people obsessed with helping your customers get the most out of your technology?


Have our team dig in deep on your technology to find the best way for it to be used for a multitude of scenarios

Sales, Service and Integrations

We will help customers buy your tools, implement them correctly, and integrate them into their stack so they are fully using your technology as designed.

The Process: Part 1

We create a custom support center for you and your clients, void of any Kihbba branding

Need to submit a lead or get resources as a partner?

Check out our partner resources

When do I get paid?

All commissions are paid the following Friday from the membership activation date.

How do I get paid?

As a digital company we prefer PayPal or Zelle, lets avoid cutting checks.

DO I pay to be a partner?

Referral partners don't pay, but our wholesale and private label clients have a setup fee.

How do I send referrals?

Set a demo at the top of the site, or head to the partner resources page for a referral form.

DO I get paid on tech sales?

Our Wholesale and Private Label partners split tech commission 50/50 with us.

Do you help me make sales?

We strategize with each partner to come up with the best plan for helping you succeed.

Partners have questions too...


These are just a few of the common questions. If you have more questions please email

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