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Kihbba was started by Kalani Thomas, as an extension of a previous business, The Help Desk Sales. In that business Kalani helped small businesses with lots of little tasks that helped each company become more profitable at the implementation of each item. 

9 years later, and Kihbba is Kalani and his team, offering world class technical consulting, public speaking, training and business coaching.

Kihbba's Journey


Concept Created


First Partnerships


First Employees


500th customer

Kalani starts the perpetual unemployment project, charging companies a few hundred dollars a year to survey and fill their needs. enters the mix as a partner to Kalani Thomas, allowing him the ability to offer a technological solution to a sales teams needs.

The first team joins Kalani in creating the brand name KIHBBA, which quickly grows to over 100 tech partners.

Kihbba now serves over 500 customers on its annual technology consulting plans, helping customers to grow and become more efficient through proper technical implementation.

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