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Concierge Software support

Run by Kalani Thomas, Software Expert and Partner to over 100 software companies. Backed by an amazing staff of tech geeks.

We aren't software, just the people that are experts in yours. Here to help you select, setup, automate, integrate and support your software tools and all their users.

Making sense of the clutter

With over 5,000 software tools you can use to run your company... do you even begin to start making sense of what to use, how to set it up, what can be integrated, what can you automate, what can AI help with, and so much more...

...answering these questions...that's Kihbba


Technology Partners


New Members Annually


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Software Selection


Not sure what software to use?

As experts in over 350+ technologies we can help you assess the best tools for the job. We always factor in these three important variables:

Adoption: How easy will it be for you and your team to use the solutions we recommend? If no one uses it, what's the point of having it?

Expense: Good tools don't have to cost a lot of money, but cheap tools don't always scale. We will help you find tools that fit your budget, or, even trim off excess tools you don't need.

Use Case: Does it fit your needs? Is this the right software to do everything you will need it to do for your company? 

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Technology Consultations

Access to the best experts in your software

Consultations, conversations, call it what you want...we are here for you when you have a need for a live person

Best Practices

Ever want to know what else you could or should be doing with the tools you're trusting to run your business? Talk to a technology expert 365 days a year.

Process Mapping

Have an expert in your software map your business processes for maximum integration and automation involvement. Lets get your software doing more of the heavy lifting.


No matter who on the team needs training, we are here for them. Get training one on one or as a big team. Trainings are recorded to rewatch later.

Demo Support

Have an upcoming call with a software company and want a member of our staff there for support? We are happy to attend and ask all the technical questions for you.


Not everything is going to work correctly all the time. When things seem a little off, let an expert know and we will do all the troubleshooting for you so you can get back to work.

Recorded Solutions

Once our experts are ready to deliver a project, you can have a custom video made showing your solution, or a live session with a trainer, also recorded for your records.


We currently integrate tools in 3 ways

On Tool
API Customizations

Our integration goal is to change the state of your technology from something you update, to something that updates you.

Check out these common tools we customize and integrate


We Do
Certified Partner

Data manipulation

Let Kihbba move your data across systems

If your data is in another tool, in random spreadsheets, or generally "a mess" as some of our members described it before meeting us...let us help.

Exporting: Take all your data from whatever sources you have today and cleaning it so it's ready for importing into your tools.

Importing: Get your exported and clean data loaded into the software systems you need to manage your businesses most valuable asses...your insights.

Real Time: Sometimes your data needs to be everywhere, all at once, right now. We can move data using integrations and API connections

Dashboards: Need help building KPI reports and dashboards? We can help shape your content to give you the right insights.

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Let the robots do it!

Automations run our business, and they can run yours too. All those mundane IF/THEN moments in your business can be left to the bots!

Copy & Paste

Get rid of all those copy and paste moments by letting bots do the mundane stuff

Client facing

Automate interactions with clients. Text messages, emails, phone calls, applications, contracts, etc.


Making common documents like proposals and contracts available with the click of a button

Financial Bots

Move around data and create efficiencies when invoicing, quoting, or making a sale

Data Management

Bots made to slice and dice your data so it is in the right place in the right format at the right time

People Actions

Helping to direct your staff to do important tasks before they slip through the cracks

Status Updates

Update your audiences anytime, anywhere, with status reports and communications done for you

Mundane Stuff

All the common little things in your environment that bug you or slow you down daily

You name it...

We build roughly 14,000 bots a year for our we can do it if it can be done...just ask

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI technology to further improve business process, decision making, and overall efficiency

Our AI Services are offered as an add on, or stand alone service.
Please ask about what works best for your company.

Custom AI

Help configure the custom utilization of AI into your business for your unique case.

AI Training

We will provide trainings and workshops around utilization of AI programs like ChatGPT.

AI Ethics

We provide guidance on ethical utilization of AI programs to ensure safe and fair usage.

AI Consulting

We will keep you informed and educated on all AI technologies you may need for your business.


Analyze business data using AI to help you take faster more actionable steps in your business.

Prompt Engineer

Get access to an expert level prompt engineer to help get exactly what you need from AI


Helping you automate business process using natural language in your daily workflows.

AI Employees

Utilize Kihbba's recruiting branch to find candidates that are AI trained, or get your staff trained.

AI Finance

We will train you on how to get support with your finances using AI programs and best practices

Kihbba Support

Get UNLIMITED Support everyday of the week

Just remember 7's:
Were here 7 days a week
7am to 7pm (eastern time)
and we give you 7 ways of interacting with us




7am-7pm EST 















UNLIMITED SUPPORT: We don't care the number of requests you make, it's ALL COVERED! Work with our team 20 hours a year or 20 hours a month. We are here for small or big projects.

LIVE RESOLUTION: The digital version of walking into our office with your computer and tapping on the screen. Connect LIVE with a developer within 2 minutes over zoom for emergencies.

2 Hour Resolution Quotes: On every request made, the project management team will quote the amount of time it will take to complete, as well as start and finish dates.

Kihbba Guarantee: Software delivery is sometimes a little late. We try our best to be on time, but if something is ever late, we multiply the late time by 7 and add to your membership time. So if we are ever off by even a day, you get a whole extra week of our time added to your membership.


Don't take our word for it.

Check out what some of our customers have said about us...

Randy Hargett

Dave Ramsey ELP

The relationship that I have built with the folks at Kihbba has been one of the most significant business decisions I've made in the 20 years of my insurance business. I had researched and interviewed several companies that had expertise in the technology and automation tools that I needed for my business which lead me to Kihbba. Kalani and his team have helped me automate some of the most labor intensive parts of my business process and they have been available to me 24/7 as we have continued to fine tune the automation and upgrade the technology. Today, I simply consider Kihbba to be a part of my team and as new ideas come to the table, they implement them for me. If you are looking for a forward looking technology partner for your business, connecting with Kalani and Kihbba will be one of the best business decisions you could ever make.

Michael Williams

Marketing Agency

The whole team at Kihbba has been fantastic. They've worked closely with me not only to build out our CRM and integrations but to consult on best practices and to provide creative and strategic recommendations on how to make our company more efficient.


Bruce Landis

Insurance Agent

The team at Kihbba just finished a 2 hour zoom call where they did all the work to set up my new texting system! Their service and help has been off the charts... so glad my colleagues recommended them for our automation and integration needs!

New Members

How it works

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STEP 1: Activate a Membership

STEP 2: Meeting 1 - Software Deep Dive

STEP 3: Meeting 2 - Process Deep Dive

STEP 4: Solution Designed and Project Starts

Ongoing Support

STEP 1: Access members area for 7 ways to talk to Kihbba

STEP 2: Tell us what you need in detail

STEP 3: Your request will start being worked on in queue

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Ongoing Project Management

Meet with your team every week...
Or use the service on demand. Whatever method of support makes the most sense for your business is how we will support you. Just set a schedule or hit up the members area.


Ready to Make your first request?

Lets get your system working for you, not against you

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