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Designed to be the low cost provider

All our memberships are built for the entire Organization and all its staff to be able to use. Membership size is based on the type of support you need - -

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If you need any help picking out the membership that is best for you, please contact sales at the demo button at the top of this page. 

Our memberships can always be upgraded, so feel free to start at our minimalist package and we can go up from there.

Up to $5,998/year

This is our base level plan, required for all businesses

UNLIMITED Consultations


Setup All Technology


Data Management

Automation Management

LIVE Issue Resolution

Training and Support

Up to $8,998/year

Our Base Membership Plus AI Training and Support

UNLIMITED Consultations


AI Add On

Everything From Base Plan

Data Management

AI Education

AI Consultations

Training and Support

Contact Sales

For companies needing SENIOR Strategist

UNLIMITED Consultations


Everything from Base Plan

AI Add On

Coaching On Business

Process Coaching

Enhanced AI Training

Kalani Thomas Strategist

These membership add-ons can get you even more support for your business



Have your content professionally designed 

Content into Graphics

2 Day Turn Around

Dedicated Designer

Design Pickle Partnership / Half Off



Customized content for any medium

Customized Industry Content

Same Day Turn Around

AI Written Content

Internal Content

data mgmt


Data management upgrade for manual tasks

Organize and Scrub Data

Clean Data

Build Dashboards

Data Analytics and Reports



Our AI package for your use as a company

AI Package Only

AI Training and Support

AI Implementations

AI Adoption

vip days


Dedicated top of queue support for a day

Dedicated developer for the day

For Dedicated Project Rollouts

For Special Events

Solutions Walkthroughs and Live Development

* Priced at $1,799 for Non-Members

Senior Coach


Sales and business coaching

Adds sales coaching to your package

Adds business coaching to your package

AI Coaching Support - Custom GPT

Available to Non Members

How do I share my account access with Kihbba?

All our clients use Lastpass to securely share passwords for admins accounts. We do this to build integrations at the highest level user account so maximum data points can be accessed. We have work arounds for security if needed.

Can we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?

Our basic Terms of Service includes statements surrounding boiler plate MNDA language. However, if you have an original copy you'd like signed, just let us know and we are happy to stroke the digital pen.

How do I cancel?

If you ever decide you don't want to be a member here anymore, we convert your membership dollars to a retainer and bill at $225 an hour against the work the team has done. While we won't bill for any overages from membership utilization, we will only return the remainder of the unused retainer/membership fee.

What does "Unlimited" mean?

We have tried very hard to build a unique support model here at Kihbba. If you need it done, we want you to ask. While most our members use the service between 2-4 hours a month, UNLIMTED means UNLIMITED. Feel free to reach out any time something needs to be done. We do ask that you just keep in mind you are one of hundreds of members active at any try to be respectful of everyone's time.

Do you store my data locally?

Oh heck NO! In fact, it is a protocol here at Kihbba to regularly check developers computers for any practices that might compromise you or us. Ask more about this if you're ever curious.

When does the clock start on my membership time?

During your onboarding call, we will map out 3-5 tickets we can immediately go to work on for you. Once that list is complete, the membership time starts. So we don't "start the clock" till we deliver your first project back to you to your satisfaction.

How long will my projects take?

We currently staff our teams to ensure we are delivering the first project in 7-10 days, and each subsequent ticket or request is completed ASAP, often within 48 hours. During the request process, you can indicate a more urgent priority, but it's always best to give us a little time since our ticket load can be in constant flux. By all means, for fastest result, call 704.251.7900 and press 1 for tech support.

Do you have a complete Terms Of Service I can see?

Absolutely. Feel free to visit HERE in order to see our current TOS. 

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