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Kihbba helps small businesses work through their software problems. Our mission is to provide the people, resources and solutions to companies struggling to make sense of the vast software landscape. 

Solutions Developer 


Kihbba offers small and medium sized companies an annual software support membership. Small businesses use on average 6 different softwares. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, etc. None of these technologies interact with each other or allow for a complete system of use. With a Kihbba membership a business can get support selecting the right software, getting it setup and customized, getting all systems integrated, and automating basic business processes. Our service is unlimited use for one annual fee. Most companies pay around $2500 for a year of service. 


This role is 40 hours a week, starting at $10 per hour.



  • Work with Sales Teams to provide a technical solution to a clients tech stack

  • Collaborate with current tech team to provide system wide solutions

  • Answer tickets and maintain client software is consistently working as expected

  • Build Automations

  • Build and Maintain Zapier connections for your book of business

  • Attend daily standups

  • Provide enhancements to company client base from personal experiences



  • Must know Zapier and as many other connectors as possible

  • Have worked as a part of a team providing technical solutions

  • Can read and implement documentation such as API documents and protocols

  • Are excited by automations

  • Are obsessed with learning new softwares

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