We put the a.a.S in S.a.a.S
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...built for businesses who...

Finally ready to leave paper, spreadsheets and missed activities in the past...but don't know where to start?

Need Technology

Have Technology

No matter how many tools you have in place, there is always something that can be done to make it better.

What is KIHBBA?

access to a business technology expert 7 days a week from 7am-7pm

get help with imports and exports of all

clean data

project time guarantee keeps all projects

on schedule

build out, maintain and audit all of your automations for you

unlimited support requests for all your covered tech

LIVE issue resolution

on zoom for any

immediate needs

setup & customize all your technology using our best practices

transfer or provide sales

and marketing templates for your daily use

integration of all systems that can be easily connected to each other

all digital sessions are recorded and provided back to you

Colorful Office


“When people ask me how I have all this stuff done I tell them I know a guy” 


—  K.B., CEO, Trucking Leasing Company

our process


We record a zoom session together to understand every current need the business has. In this session you will answer 3 questions:

1. What do you need your technology to start to do that it is not doing today?

2. What do you need your technology to stop doing that's causing workflow issues or annoyances?

3. What do you need your technology to continue to do, but you want to improve?


The recording is assigned to a six sigma trained project manager to breakdown into individual tickets. These tickets are assigned to the member of the team that has the best success rate with your project type.


As these tickets are built and move through our system, you will begin to see emails from us, updating you along the way.


The tickets built the previous day from the project team begin to be worked on. Your development team will contact you with specific questions which may help you get the best results on your project. 

 Here we will acquire, customize, integrate and build all automations from your request.


After a project is completed, we audit the work internally to ensure all requests have been completed correctly. Once this review is done, you will be asked to schedule a time for a training.


Adoption is a top priority for us. When we finish a project we want to do a few things to ensure a proper handoff: 

1. Schedule a full training to teach you how all your customizations work.

2. Daily check-ins. You'll receive an email from us at the end of each day for a week. 

3. Adjust your systems with the feedback from yesterdays email response. 


Once your initial project is complete, we can repeat this process for any big request you have. 


Simply use our members area to make adjustments, add new integrations, request new automations, schedule a expert call or even get LIVE support for a pressing issue.


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