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KIHBBA is proud to partner

with these professional service organizations

When we find a company that does well for it's clients, we invite them to be a part of our network. These companies were sought out to provide access to some of the best resources we could gather.

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Sales Xceleration, Inc. provides outsourced sales consultants to small businesses and mid-sized corporations that want to launch or expand their sales operations to drive revenue growth.

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The smartest way to engage & convert your inbound leads into qualified, sales-ready opportunities, using their unique blend of 2-way SMS, AI driven follow-up, and highly trained reps.

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Tyron Giuliani runs a 5-Step Strategy his Clients Use to Dominate and Generate Business Leads on the “New” LinkedIn


Established in 2018, Virtually Sourced Solutions is a passion-driven, forward-thinking, & innovative company focused on streamlining organizational management.


I specialize in Operations mgmt, digital production planning and management, team audits and hiring virtual support, process audit and documenting SOP's and more.


Are you ready to delegate? Schedule a time to discuss your needs and learn how Rebecca as a Certified OBM® & The 25th Hour can add hours back to each day so you can focus on growing your business.


Topnotch virtual solutions and support. FOcus on growing your business and let Stalnaker Virtual Solutions take care of the technical, organizational and strategic support.


SMB works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts, helping them develop B2B and B2C online courses that share their knowledge and expertise. We provide all services to help these experts share their knowledge with the world.


I'm Kelly Reynolds.  I help small businesses grow by getting organized and efficient, by knowing their numbers so they can make the best decisions for their business.

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With over a decade of commercial lending experience, MC² Finance specializes in commercial loans for growing businesses.


The philosophy that you can have all the benefits of administrative support and a business management service without breaking your budget.  Maximize your profits while assisting over-worked, stretched, and stressed workers (including yourself) ease their workload.


Business leaders turn to ECS to guide them to the right path for success. As a group of seasoned functional experts, we work alongside your team to make lasting and meaningful advancements that align with your goals.


I help business professionals, solopreneurs and small team business owners get more freedom, income and success by reducing the complexity that's causing them to stay stuck, working too much and too hard.


I coach startups & freelancers to do the least they need to do to achieve the goals they want.


Stop throwing your money away on fad systems and spray and pray techniques. Build and implement a Social Selling Strategy and your clients will come to you.


Our mission: provide quality marketing that makes an impact, instead of something that looks pretty but goes nowhere.

Image by Huma Kabakci

Smart Solutions Media empowers business owners and professionals to clearly, compellingly, and consistently communicate their expertise to effectively and efficiently attract better prospects and transform them into long-term clients.


I’m passionate about making your business run smoothly so you have time to focus on the things that matter most. I LOVE using analytics and other data to harness the best outcomes possible. 


We help startups, early-stage & international companies leap into sales by developing a targeted strategy, placing & managing the talent & tools, and creating a maintainable solution


I help entrepreneurs, like you, achieve the freedom of staying in their Zone of Genius.


Ethan Wood Consulting is a partner to Kihbba, sending their clients here for additional support beyond the EWC level of knowledge and ability.


A managed services marketing and events agency. Agile, scalable and efficient as your single point of contact for a vast array of resources in Digital presence, virtual events, in person events.

KIHBBA is currently looking for more partners

If you're interested in becoming a partner to Kihbba, and helping your clients get the most out of your technology, please visit our partner portal page

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