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19,755 Projects Completed

12,211 Automations Built In 2021

2,121 Technologies Supported

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"We've found $87,000 worth of missed followup opportunities already"

- Brian James, Kihbba Member

"I'm pretty good myself but like 

someone to call when I need help."

- Connie Mintz, Kihbba Member

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Contact our team 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm EST. Get expert advice on:

Technology Selection | Troubleshooting | Demo Support | Automation Possibilities | Integration Advice

and so many others things.

Setup and customization of your technology.

It doesn't matter if you don't have the technology yet, or if you've had it for years;

our expertise in setting up over 150 different tools is sure to help enhance what you get from your software.

Integration of all of your cooperative technology.

Systems integrations keep you from chasing your technology down to constantly make sure 

it's all synced up. Integrations help connect all departments for whole process lifecycle tracking.

Data management is a big part of using your technology correctly.

We will happily assist in moving data around, basic clean up jobs, and helping organize your filters

and reports to maximize your actionable intelligence. 

Full automation expertise for all your connected technology.

For each client we audit your current automations, build any newly requested automations

and manage your automations. We ensure it's built right, and will always function.

Transfer or provide sales and marketing templates for your daily use.

If you currently have the need for automated and canned emails, text messages or voicemails, we can

provide you with examples of other successful campaigns we have managed.

LIVE issue resolution during business hours.

Start a zoom call right from our website to help us inspect or troubleshoot a problem.

We are here when you need visual live support. Just visit our LIVE resolution page.

Our project time guarantee keeps all projects on schedule.

If we ever miss a deadline, we multiply the missed time by 5 and add it to the end of your membership.

This helps us keep a little skin in the game on each project.

UNLIMITED support requests for all your covered technology.

No matter how big or how small the request, its all covered.

Access the members area or call 704.251.7900 to talk to us 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

All digital sessions are recorded and provided back to you

for training or whatever you may need it for.

We can also provide transcriptions if necessary.


Q: What is a "certified expert"?

A: This means we have either gone through a certified training program with that company, if they have one. Companies certify us in many different ways. Feel free to ask about a specific tool of you'd like.

Q: How do I use the membership?

A: We are here 7 days a week, from 7am - 7pm; and; there are 7 ways to get in touch with us. Phone, text and email, of course. Use our Calendar to set meetings, Ticket System, Automation Sheet or our very popular

LIVE solution zoom calls. 

Q: What is a "certified partner"?

A: These are companies that either give us perks to pass on to our members, or have given us access to internal people and systems not offered to their clients.

Q: What if my tools aren't listed?

A: All of the tools we support originally came to our attention from a client. Learning your tool means we can help even more people. The list on our site is always growing and is over 100. If you don't see if, just ask. 

Q: What is UNLIMITED support?

A: It means the clock doesn't run. We learn on our own dime, and are solutions focused, not hours focused. Use us as much as you want, just remember you aren't the only client, so you may go into a queue. 

Q: I'm already setup, how can you help me?

A: We help you get more from what you have. We will audit, suggest, fix, improve and provide best practices for all you have. Ideally, we pay for our membership by finding a better tool or way you can do something for less money.

Q: Can we talk to current clients?

A: While we can always scrape together a few clients that would say something good about us, keep in mind the brands we represent as a partner. We wouldn't be able to keep those relationships if we did bad work and disappointed their referrals. Our accountability is our commitment to each member. We guarantee it.

Q: Can you tell me what other people do?

A: Because we work with so many industries, we have learned things at hair salons that we have used with our contractor clients. If we have set something up that we see is a good fit for you, we will recommend that. We do have an NDA in place with each client, so what is truly theirs will stay with them. 


EXAMPLE OF OUR WORK: This is an ElfSight module, attached to TypeForm. When completing, you will use Stripe to setup your membership. The view is tracked on elfsight, the typeform submission charges your card, adds your details to our CRM (pipedrive) and the scheduled meeting (calendly) is assigned to an account manager. Looking for something similar? Start by contacting us.

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